22 August 2012

Can anyone help me? ☆ Alguien puede ayudarme?

Hi everyone!

We're going on holidays soon. We will fly to Rome, stay there for 4 days, then we will fly from Rome to London where we will be for 5 days and then fly back home. We made the same trip two years ago so we are now going on "real holidays", we will not be running from one place to another to see everything, you know what I mean.

Well, my problem is that although I've been researching on my own (thanks Google), I have only found a pair of shops in London where if I'm lucky enough I could probably find some cross stitch stash.

My questions are: Have you ever been in a cross stitch shop in Rome / London? Have you heard about a cross stitch shop in Rome / London? Do you know anyone that can tell me where to find some cross stitch stash in Rome / London?

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone and sorry for not writing here, but I was so tired after work and this horrible African heatwave is consuming all my strength.

Have a nice day! xoxo

Hola a todos!

Nos vamos de vacaciones pronto. Volaremos a Roma, estaremos allí 4 días, luego volaremos de Roma a Londres donde pasaremos 5 días y luego volaremos de vuelta a casa. Hicimos el mismo viaje hace dos años así que ahora nos vamos "de vacaciones de verdad", no andaremos corriendo de un sitio a otro para verlo todo, ya sabéis a lo que me refiero.

Bien, mi problema es que aunque he estado buscando por mi cuenta (gracias Google), sólo he encontrado un par de tiendas en Londres donde si tengo suerte probablemente encontraré algún artículo para punto de cruz.

Mis preguntas son: Habéis estado alguna vez en alguna tienda de punto de cruz en Roma / Londres? Habéis oído hablar de alguna tienda de punto de cruz en Roma / Londres? Concéis a alguien que pueda decirme dónde encontrar artículos para punto de cruz en Roma / Londres?

Muchas gracias por adelantado a todos y perdón por no haber escrito aquí, pero estaba muy cansada después del trabajo y esta terrible ola de calor africano consume todas mis fuerzas.

Que tengáis un buen día! besitos


  1. There used to be a great one in London but it's closed now. You must visit Liberty's, they have a good department, run classes and it's an AMAZING building too. Here's a link:
    The V&A Museum is also a great place for a stitcher to visit, lots of samplers and inspiration too.
    Have a great holiday.

  2. When I was in Italy I searched for a good needlework shops and was rather disappointed. Didn't find anything decent in Rome, Florence or any of the other major cities. The one's I found I didn't buy a thing. They didn't come further then some DMC, Aida and some DMC charts.
    They do have a nice online shop though but that's not in Rome. I could have saved my time for better things. For the rest Rome is fantastic. Such a beautiful city.
    Hope you're having lots of fun there.

  3. When you go to London are you planning to go to Hampton Court Palace? The Royal School of Needlework is situated there. I wrote about it in this blogpost earlier this year. http://kittenstitching.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Royal%20School%20of%20Needlework
    I think that they might have shop there as well.

    Have a nice holiday.

  4. Hola querida,

    Q tal t ha ido las vacaciones????????? pasé para saludarte.
    Y gracias por el cariño,


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