26 January 2014


Mel @ Epic Stitching is hosting the Stitch From Stash Group. She challenged us not to spend more than $25 a month (18 € here in Spain) and to stitch projects we already had in our stash.

So, here it is my January report:

What I stitch from stash:

 - I finished my WIP Pirates Love Christmas.

 - I picked a UFO from my basket that has now become a WIP: Mary Wigham Sampler. It was collecting dust and I don't know why, when I started it I really wanted to stitch it but then I left it for another project. Now I'm determined to finish it!

Amount spent from my budget:

$3.15 (2,30 €) in a pack of 28 DMC bobbins for my flosses.

Leftover budget:

$21.85 (15,70 €)

Finally, thanks to SFS I found that I had a Mill Hill kit I bought last year in Creative Trends Exhibition which I had not even shown in the blog!! Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?

On Thursday 30th starts this year's exhibition, Creative Trends Bilbao 2014 and there I will be to tempt myself with a lot of cute cross stitch charts, kits and flosses to carry home with me.

How will this affect to my budget? You will see it in February's report. xoxo


  1. I love that you found an item you forgot about! I've done a lot of that looking through my stash. ;)

  2. Great job on your stitch from stash start.
    That is a sweet kit!

  3. That's a great find, you'll have fun stitching this :)

  4. Wonderful first stash report. Mine has just been posted too!

  5. Great job stitching from stash! And that's an adorable kit, can't wait to see you stitch it :D

  6. Hola!! hay un premio esperándote en mi blog, pasa a recogerlo cuando puedas.


  7. Well done...not sure how you are going to get by that exhibit with only spending 35 or so dollars...good luck. Perhaps they will have many ugly things. LOL

  8. A great new project. Have fun at the fair!


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